UI Cultural Ball (Photographer Gig)

       I was hired as a photographer for the Cultural Ball here at University of Iowa that was put on by the Organization for the Active Support of International Students (OASIS).  
      The event's goal was to encourage many different cultures to interact in peace and raise awareness of prevalent world issues.  Participants were entertained by performances from lots of cultural dance groups of the university and dance workshops, where they got to do some dancing themselves!  
      It was great to be a part of so many cultures being embraced in one place and for everyone to come together and celebrate by dancing the night away.


Presentation from Students Abolishing Slavery (SAS)
Irish Dance Performance

Performance by Hawkeye Bhangra  (my favorite!)

Dance Workshops

Performance by Iowa Andhi

Kahraman Near East Dance Ensemble

Performance by University of Iowa K-Pop

 Fans were loving it!
 Yes, they did dance to Gangnam Style!

The winning dance group